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Lochloosa Enduro, 8/26/2007


Well I must say that the Big Scrub Trail Riders started the season off right and they had a great event with a good turn out. There was something like two-hundred and sixty riders there and over fifty rows. However, as far as I know everything went smoothly and without incident in the running of the event. Since I was on row ten I started at 9:10 and immediately entered some tight nasty woods but they weren’t too bad, you could still flow fairly well through them. The only bad part about this section was the low limbs and face slappers (low tree limbs/ bushes that hit you in the face). It was very difficult to see where to go next in some cases. We went through 3.2 miles of the tight woods to the first check where even the fastest riders were still four minutes late after the short section. After the check we had about eight miles of free ride trail to the next reset which gave us a few minutes rest before the next timed section. The next section was fairly tight but not as tight as the first with a few short road sections and some trail that was being reused from last year’s enduro. I finished that section with a score of five and went to the fifteen minute reset back at the parking lot. The next loop was the best loop on the property and was about twelve miles long. It was open and flowed really nice. Its only downfall was the clear cut area in the middle of the loop that had many stumps and small logs on the ground. After that loop we had our half way break to refuel, eat, and rest. At this point my dad noticed my rear shock was leaking fluid and we had planned to replace it at my next trip back to the parking lot if necessary. I set off on the second half feeling good and ready for the long twelve mile section I had before me. It was the same as the first loop but no free ride and a straight blitz the whole way. About three to four miles out from the check my front brake line snapped leaving me without a front brake for the remainder of the loop. When I came into the parking lot it was pouring rain, but with the help of my dad I switched out the front brake assembly and was ready to go. The fourth and final loop was the same as the second loop; it just had a lot more mud after the hard rain. I went out and completed the loop with no problems and came through the check within a minute of my last score, which gave me nothing to complain about. I had a good ride and finished with a score of twenty-one which would go on to be the winning score for the A-250 class, and my first win in the A class.


            I would really like to thank the Big Scrub Trail Riders for putting on this event, it was a major success and a great way to kick off the new season.