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L-Cross E-treme Hare Scramble,HS#4, 1/6/2008


First of all, the Southwest Florida Trail Riders did a great job of getting this race set up, they had a good track that had already been worn in a little bit by a quad scramble. The course was a little rough and good suspension played a big role out in the open sections of trail. I started my race off behind Daniel Ingraham who got a great start and was really charging hard. Daniel got crossed up in some ruts and went down in a slick corner. When he went down I took over the lead but continued to have pressure from the other A-250 riders for most of the first lap. I felt pretty good and was comfortable even though I was being pushed by the other riders. When we came out on the MX track at the end of the first lap, my first thought was how many of them are going to jump over me. Strangely they didnít, I donít know why; maybe I got in the way. But as I found out the hard way it only takes one bad turn on the motocross track for Daniel Ingraham to cut to the inside and Kyle Parsons to block pass you all at the same time. So now all I am left to do is watch as these two guys battle it out. Well I could hear their rev limiters going off longer than I had eye contact with them; they were really going at it. I fell behind a little way but by the end of the next lap I had caught up with Kyle Parsons and made a pass on him. However, as soon as I get comfortably in front of him we come up to the MX track again. I gave it my all just to stay in front of the kid and to my disbelief, I held him off. After gaining some space from Kyle I was alone for a long time, and then I see someone riding a Kawi with green backgrounds who is going way too fast to be a lapper. So Iím starting to get excited because I think Iím about to get to dance with Daniel one more time but I was very wrong. Daniel sensed me coming up behind him and started hitting the rev limiter once again. He took off and I was alone again. Just as I was about to admit defeat, I came through the pits to start another lap and I see my dad giving me hand signals. He was telling me that this was my last lap and that Daniel is not far ahead. I decided that it was time for one last charge. I got into a groove that I thought was pretty fast and sure enough it was fast enough to get Daniel into eyesight. Once I had him in sight I noticed that he wasnít moving as fast as normal and I could tell that he didnít know I was there. When we came out onto one of the really long straights I pinned the throttle hoping to pass him before he caught onto what was happening. When the trail went through a small patch of trees Dan took an alternate line to avoid some whoops, and I used this to try to squeak by.It worked, and as soon as I passed him all I hear is his motor winding up, so all I could think was here we go. Just as I thought would happen, he stepped it up big time and we started going at it pretty hard. We were racing really hard until we reached a fork in the trail. I went one way and Daniel went the other, neither one of us backed down. We ended up colliding into each other at the point where the trail merges back together. Daniel went down giving me a chance to get enough space between us to ride in for the win.